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Witchdoctor: someone who heals our human condition through shamanism, spirituality, witchcraft, music, and dance. Welcome, as a witchdoctor of the faith of Benedicaria, I will bring to you the truth of Sicilian folk religion. I hope the resources here will help you with your journey as a follower of the old religion. I am a medium, psychic, and practitioner of witchcraft.

Advent Wreath, Pagans Preparing for Yule

I’m sure you’re familiar with the Advent Wreath and it’s significance regarding Christianity. But what about it’s origin? In my home, we celebrate the Advent. I thought that I would spend a few minutes writing about why we celebrate the Advent and what it has to do with Benedicaria and other European traditions. Now, to […]

Want to start your own coven?

(without starting a whole religion or cult) A year-ish ago, I and some others started a coven.  Why didn’t I join an established one?  I wanted to be a part of a group where there was no leader, we were all equal and we support each other.  I’m not Wiccan, and I don’t believe in […]

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Life Balance Wheel and Test

Here is an assessment to see how balanced your life is. Most assessments will separate spirituality. But did you know the Hawaiians believe that there is no church, no place of worship, because spirituality is woven into every part of your life. If instead, you look at your life as six parts, instead of seven, […]

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