What is Benedicaria?

Benedicaria is misrepresented as a Catholic folk faith. Benedicaria is a collection faith based in Stregheria. For many, the combination is Catholicism and Stregheria. However, this is not a rule. Because of the unique nature of Sicily and the ethnic and spiritual influences from Europe, Africa, and Asia, this folk religion is one based on collecting what works from other faiths and magical practitioners, and what is passed down from your family.

I am a blend of Stegheria, Orisha, and Druid faiths, but affectionately identify as Benedicaria (blessing). Fundamentally, we believe our duty to protect and nurture our family and those in our community, while keeping health for the land we receive from. I was raised with German and Sicilian parents with Hawaiian culture. I am so grateful that you have navigated to my page and am happy to share with you some insight into this dormant and hidden faith.

I am a medium, and practicing shaman, as well as an instructor in the health and safety of other sensitives, and the knowledge and application of “dark arts,” connecting to the spirit current and those that reside there.

Aly Cardinalli is a professional psychic medium and modern witch who grew up in Hawai’i and Nevada. He is a practitioner in Benedicaria, well versed in witchcraft, folk magic, Voodoo, Orisha, Stregheria, and world cultural occult studies. He holds certifications in mediumship, psychic training, magic, and the occult. Aly is still an accomplished performer, which is required by his beliefs for passing on history and culture so we connect to each other and the human condition.  He uses his psychic abilities as a performing arts instructor to better his students’ education, and has finally decided to teach in the field of the supernatural. 15 years ago, Aly was the victim of a homicide attempt, which stripped the barrier between him and the spirit world, and Aly has communicated with those beyond ever since.

Aly Cardinalli has been celebrated as an award winning director/choreographer. Aly teaches hula, Hawaii culture, voice, & modern dance.
Having dedicated his life to his religious studies in ancient faith, he is an extremely sensitive psychic medium, helping sensitives and those who need his services.

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