Quiz to find out what your witchcraft strongest element is!

Want to know where to start as a witch? Maybe you are working in witchcraft or a folk religion and you don’t know why your magic isn’t working. Take this quiz! and if you want to be linked to other articles once you’ve found out your base element, check them out: Divination Separated by ElementalContinue reading “Quiz to find out what your witchcraft strongest element is!”

Divination Separated by Category of Elemental Expression

I have separated these divination types by elem Omni-Elemental Divination Types (based on practitioner and style) CARTOMANCY is fortune telling using cards such as the Tarot. DOWSING or DIVINING RODS are methods of divination where a forked stick is used to locate water or precious minerals. SCRYING is a general term for divination using aContinue reading “Divination Separated by Category of Elemental Expression”