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Life Balance Wheel and Test

candle with glassware on table

Here is an assessment to see how balanced your life is.

Most assessments will separate spirituality. But did you know the Hawaiians believe that there is no church, no place of worship, because spirituality is woven into every part of your life. If instead, you look at your life as six parts, instead of seven, then spirituality can be added to all of them.

Take the test to see how balanced your life is!

If you would like to make a change in your life, and incorporate your spirituality, through tangible goals, into every part of your life, sign up for 8 weekly sessions to change your life for the better!

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Your Witch Color and Cloak Meanings

Black.  If you are practicing the craft, you probably gravitate (or have been told to gravitate) to the color black.  It’s dark and secretive and mysterious… and flattering… and matches almost everything.

However, once upon a time, if you were chosen to practice the “weird ways” (or threw yourself into it) then you were given a color based on your gifts, future endeavors, or place among the witches.  Your color was a simple way to identify who you were.  Let’s get into what colors (besides black) you might want to wear to signify to others your path among the magically connected.

Cloak/Robe Colors and Their Meaning

Brown:  This is for the beginner.  Your first year (-ish) investing into your craft.  These practitioners don’t have a specialty and may not know how they are to use their abilities in their lives.  Once a destiny is chosen, a specialty, then their color will change.  Even if they are still a novice.

Green: The educator.  Their job among the mages are to learn and gobble as much as possible, bring to practice, and educate.  They may not be skilled in everything they must know and pass on, but their jobs are not to chose favorite types of magic.  Their job is to pass it down.  Share all of the knowledge. They may decided what order or what discipline students are to work with first, but eventually, they are to pass everything down. The knowledge should not die with them. They can also be leaders, healers, warriors, teachers, solitary, practical mentors, diviners, or a mix as well because they need to know all of the areas of practice, but their primary focus is to learn, practice, and regurgitate.

Blue: The spiritual.  They represent harmony and leveled vibrations.  They are one with good and evil, destruction and healing, and are fearless.  They are not warriors, but guides.  They can lead, but their desires are not in power, but in peace and easy-going-ness.  Even the destructive need a place in this world.  They are brave and are willing to help place the predator where they can acquire prey, and the prey where they can reproduce.  Their job is to help the world, and all parts of it (including spiritually) to remain even.  They enjoy water and air magic, generally; although this is not a determining factor.

Purple: An advanced solo practitioner. I like to call them the “practicals.”  They have a specialty and are great and accomplished at it.  They are authors and mentors. They have the knowledge and are seen as an elder.  They are happy to help others and mentor but have no desire to teach the totality of the craft.  They are a specialized expert and practice.  They lead in a way that is an informed participant, but not an organizer.  Generally, they are private, solitary. They may serve on as someone on a group of elders.

White: Representing the heat of the sun, they are a leader.  They make final decisions.  They are well verse in the discovery and acknowledgement of all kinds of magic.  They generally have the ability to see the growth potential in others and help point them to their destiny in how they use their craft.  They are the final say.  There is generally one person who is white at a time.  They move from various other areas of magic to represent the leader. They may have once been a teacher, warrior, spiritual, etc. They must be able to access great power, from within or from without.

Red:  This is for the warrior.  They are a protector.  At times, they may have questionable ethics.  They are reactive and passionate. They may be feared because they are quite good at hexes and taking down the enemy.  The enemy is topic that can be scary to other witches is who the Red decides are enemies.  They are loyal until they are crossed.  They desire a place to belong to protect and war.

Orange or Rust: Healers. They deal with the earth and nourishment.  They enjoy working with plants, herbs, cooking magic, and helping others, but they may be light workers and water healers as well. They are not great at defensive magic. They are meant to fix, mend, heal, and bring people together.  They love certain mundane tasks because of the comfort they bring to others.  They are creative and crafty.  Generally, not demanding, they prefer little stress and strain in their everyday life and would rather just heal others.

Grey: Justice.  They work in balance between right and punishment.  They create order based on the ethics of their coven, faith, or area.  They are talented at binding, tearing, and removing others’ gifts.  They are fair and objective (unlike the passionate red) and have the gift of discernment.  They seek the advice of the Blue and the Red for fairness; but they are non-linear thinkers.  Gifted in prose, they may answer a problem with another problem.  They enjoy puzzles and collaboration.  If they are consulted, the respect is always given to the Grey when a decision is made, even if the White disagrees.  For the Grey is to be unbiased and fair to the letter of their coven’s ethical law.

Black: Solitary mixed practitioner.  They mind their business, learn, and are a part of the magical community without too much emphasis in any area.  They like it all and are happy to not fit anywhere specifically.  Hence, black (holding all color).

Let’s move onto trim:

The trim of the robe can represent how advanced you are in your journey in specific magical uses.  Even a white robe can be new to being in that position.  Time is non-linear, so the witch will not hold themselves to calendar years.  Simply put, once you have your robe, you sew on a trim around the edge of your robe to signify your area of strength.

No trim: Feeling they are still on their journey, unknown of their own advancement and fine with it.  They also may just not what to say what they are skilled at.

Black trim: Accomplished at working with spirits, life, death, and divination.  They understand energy and are quite good at energy based magic, which includes the weather.

Red trim: Fire focused on spells that can invigorate, grow, or cultivate, and destroy.  Great at fire magic.

Blue trim: Water magic, able to influence, dampen, or enhance energies and emotions through lotions, potions, teas, and other fluids.

Green trim: Skilled in growth, agriculture, herbs, poisons, healing, sickness, and the earth.  They plant, and pound, and grow.  They are good at bags, talismans, and healing.

Purple trim: Understanding of people and animals and their place in the world.  They are spiritually connected to above and below, all orders of life.  They may not feel connected to ‘gods’ because they are so connected to the world close to themselves.  Good at air based magic.

Pink:  They are the pleasers.  They bring people, energy, and destinies together.  They use glamor magic.  They can also pull people apart.  Also good at stone work. They can get what they want and help others get what they want. They are graceful and use a lot of will.

Orange: These work with poppets and sympathetic magic.  They are good at seeing and knowing how things are related to each other.

Yellow:  They use astral energy and spells.  They know the zodiac, feel the energies from different times of the day, the different energies of different days, and life’s cycles.

Witches should never assume that the trim on a cloak is another witch’s only skill.  The trim is simply their strongest ability.  A witch should not put more than two on their robe, as it is seen as an exaggeration.  Witches may have multiple robes with a different trim highlighting a different skill.   For instance, I have several green robes, and one blue (when I don’t want to be a teacher and just want to put on my divination hat).  My green robe has black and purple trim, and my blue robe has pink and red. Any witch who feels they need to challenge what another knows are showing their own weakness as an actual novice.  Let others be.

Finally, it’s important to look at ropes that tie.  The colors signified in the rope that ties your robe or wraps around your waist has personal significance to your faith.  Are your deities represented by certain colors?  Does your faith have a certain symbol or color associated.  This is not to help others.  This is for you.  If others recognize the significance, you’ve found a sister in the craft, but your rope is your message to you and your faith, alone.  In my tradition, this rope is buried or burned with you when you die.  Others may gift them on to be used on ancestral altars.  And still others burn, bury, or give to nature in ceremony.  Allowing for the connection to their living life to be untied. 

This research as been compiled from various European, African, American, and Asian folk religions who have color significance in their practice.  I find it beautiful how many (cross-culturally), would be identified by other witches as to how they practice based on their cloak. 

I hope you find color in your life.  Get a cloak, and own your identity as a witch.

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What Makes a REAL Witch

blindfolded woman with a lit candle

I hate this.

I hate this set of rules that some pagans put on others. These rules and sets of judgements in order for someone to call themselves a practitioner of the craft is oppressive.

I recently read “a real witch harms none.” A real witch “acknowledges karma.” A real witch owns this tool or that star.

Let me tell you something: All of those statements are wrong.

First of all: Karma belongs to Asian religions, and unless you are of an Asian faith blend or background, using one idea from Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism, or Taoism and not others areas of that religion (and have no cultural or immersive experience) is *clears throat* CULTURAL APPROPRIATION.

I know, you don’t want to hear that. I am aware that you feel the use of karma as a part of every day social and societal norms of the ‘western world’ because karma is a completely integrated concept. This integration does not excuse that it is part of another culture and is used to benefit or in spite of other cultures. If you don’t have other aspects of these eastern religions fully integrated into your work as well, then karma should not be in your ethical arsenal. “beware of your karma” is a racially oppressive and culturally offensive comment. Back off, Betsy, and check yourself.

Also, these rules stating that witches don’t harm people is incorrect. All people harm people. Some of us try not to, and some of us try to. Harm is not where we draw the line for being a witch. It is however for Wiccans. ALL WITCHES ARE NOT WICCAN. So, you Wiccans out there: STOP BEING MISSIONARIES AND TRYING TO FORCE OTHERS INTO YOUR WAYS. That is what the Christians did starting in 70AD. Stop it. You can do you. But let other pagans do themselves.

Witch is a much broader term to specifically associate with NATURE and the energies of this world. All of the energies, even the chaotic ones.

Nature harms

Nature creates life

Nature takes life away

Nature has spirit

Nature has energy

Nature has predators

Nature has prey

Nature can nurture, torture, disease, and cure.

alluring young woman preparing potion against black background
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The witch does these things, too. Even if you elect not to, having a complete understanding (or working towards it, because who ever understands ALL parts of nature?) means you are a witch.

Witches have the ability to do all of these things (or, again, a student of nature and its magical secrets and counterparts), also because if we ARE really one with nature. That doesn’t mean we sit outside and make love under the moon (at least not me because I don’t like to get dirty or get bit by bugs). “One with” just means moving with nature, moving with people, moving with animals and weather, and understanding (or trying to understand) the ways nature wants to move.

We are those who grow and can give disease.  We can mend and twist but we can rest and heal.  We have choices. Stop telling people they are not witches because they don’t fit YOUR belief system or YOUR ethics. Nature and spirit.

And all the chaos and order that nature is.

We love trees because their beauty is mathematically a part of chaos.  We love butterflies because their beauty is mathematically a part of order.  
We also fear what is organized and what is chaotic as well. To say that a witch harms none means that you live in a bubble of lies. Just being here harms something. Do you create to give back? Well, by attacking someone else *clears throat again* YOU ARE HARMING THEM! 

Therefore, those who go out of their way to attack other pagans to scold them about ‘harm,’ well, you are harming another practitioner of the craft with your bullying and your judgement, and therefore is also a hypocrite. Mind your own business and stick to your relationship with nature. Leave my babies witches alone.

Chaos, order, creation, and destruction.  Denying the harmful parts of life means denying being a witch. This is me coming for you. Back down and let people be.

Oh, and one more thing:

And don’t bully others based on what they don’t know, yet. We are all on the path to discovery, Betsy. Back down and let people continue to learn and evolve.

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Clairsentience, What is it?

Feeling Life and Psychic Definitions of Empathy

Like a prima ballerina
I tip toe, tip toe around you constantly
I hear the water running
Will it wash your tears or leak through the ceiling?
Make my way up a spiral staircase
Hope to God you had a good day

When you’re furious
When you start to freeze
When you can’t be touched
I feel everything
And when you despair
When you cannot breathe
When you wouldn’t dare
I feel everything
When you’re in ecstasy
But you’re not with me
I feel everything

Idina Menzel is singing my theme song. I woke up this morning with another hand print on my chest. It’s bigger than mine and the thumb angle demonstrates that it couldn’t be from my own hand, unless I can dislocate my wrist, leave my hand in one place long enough to make an impression, and put it back, all while being unconscious. Since we moved into our new house, it’s actually pretty rare that this happens. We have been here six years, and the most common physical phenomenon that I have is my skin getting flushed or having random scratches down my back or thighs (that are painless and last only an hour or so before disappearing).

What is clairsentience? I feel things. I’m an extreme case, but I figured I would start a series of blog posts about the different psychic abilities and what they are actually like. Instead of talking in theory from people who don’t experience them, or have copied what other people have said since the 1930s, we will talk from a very real point of view. Starting with my sensitivities, let’s begin a series of posts describing exactly what these abilities are like. When we get to the abilities that are not like mine, I will consult students who do experience them.

An Empath is a wash of two areas. An empath is a clean mix of claircognizance and clairsentience, and then sticking with mostly those two. Claircognizance is “knowing things” when there is no experience or access to that knowledge by tangible means. Clairsentience is “feeling and experiencing things” with no access by tangible means. An empath is someone who understands what someone is going through, has the divine ability to say the right things, is generally someone people dump their emotions on, and are taken advantage of for their overly-sensitive ability to nurture. To be clear, empaths UNDERSTAND the EMOTIONAL state of others.

The gift of Clairsentience is even more psychic in nature. Clairsentients can feel what other people are feeling and take this into their body. They can also receive information about the person’s sense of self and why it is there. A clairsentient is wrongly defined as an empath. Instead of empathizing and understanding other people’s emotions, we quite literally experience them. When I’m connected to someone, I can feel their grief, confusion, fear, deceit, motivation, lethargy, and much more. I also feel the physical anomalies of a person’s state. What the heck does that mean? I feel what others feel that are not their every day to day feeling. Here are some examples.

As I’ve said in previous posts, I was a performing arts teacher. When I coach people in singing, I can feel where their tongue is in their mouth, or how they’re using their soft palate, or where their pharynx is, and give instruction to help correct those things. In dance, I can feel which muscle they are (or are not) using in order to execute a movement. I can even feel if they are dehydrated, iron deficient, having difficulty with allergies, or lacking sleep. It’s like a layer of clothing on my own body pulling, activating, relaxing, or tensing. My mouth goes dry when I’m around other sensitives. My skin telegraphs a rash when a group of people are emotionally flushed, frustrated, or rash. And in extreme connections, stigmata.

Stigmata is generally associated with devout Roman Catholics, exorcism, and the Holy Communion. I am not, however, any form of Christian. Stigmata is the phenomena of spontaneous bloody wounds that mysteriously open up. Mine are relatively small. A random cut in the same place that someone else is also cut. There are specific things that must be in alignment in order to for this to happen. I have to be genuinely connected psychically to the person as a clairsentient . We must exchange a large flow of natural energy. Most people are naturally blocked as vulnerability of any sort is scary. So the person I’m connected to must not have that natural block. I have to be in a state of ‘openness,’ (in other words, I’m reading them). Then they get cut. As I’ve said, clairsentients will demonstrate physical replications of other people from a psychic connection, as well as emotional, spiritual, and even sexual. In other words, stigmata is rare, in and of itself, and those of us who have the misfortune to sometimes have it, we also experience it few and far between. They may be been stigmatic their whole life and not known it. “How did I cut myself? Where did that come from? Oh, well, I’m such a klutz. HAHA. I don’t even know how I hurt myself. haha.”

Clairsentience can be confused with emotional disorders, however. Having a wide range of unexplained emotions can be a chemical imbalance. The difference is this: You are feeling another person’s emotions! Make sure that if you are not actually connected to another person and are feeling a range of emotions without causation, to speak to a health professional.

Clairsentient Struggles:

Not knowing what your emotions are vs the emotions of others’. I struggled with this greatly as a kid. My mother did her best to help by placing me on Sam-E, St. John’s Wart, Kava, Evening Primrose, Omega-3s, vitamin Bs, and the like. For years, this was helpful to dampen the confusion of emotion, along with citrus aroma therapy. It wasn’t until I was in my early 20s that I stopped taking these and was able to better identify the self. I think this was easier in my early twenties because the synapses in our brains to understand time, novelty, and self aren’t finished forming until about 24, anyway. So how do we help other kids with this dilemma when they don’t have those synapses formed and they are struggling with differentiating between their own emotions and the input from other people? They feel other kids’ depression and so we think they are depressed. They then feel another person’s ecstasy or joy and we think they are manic. Does the child have bi-polar or are they clairsentient?

The answer only lies with exact science. They must be connected psychically, even by accident or without their care yet (as kids have a difficult time controlling what they are connected to or reading), to someone who is demonstrating the same response. Also, it is best that they are not aware of the other person (put them in separate rooms). Otherwise, there may be another psychological disorder in the clusterB family, attempting to mimic the other person. Once you have repeated evidence of this, you can pretty much conclude clairsentience. Trial and error. Collect the data. And collect lots of data.

Once you’ve determined that you’re clairsentient and without psychological obstacles, there are some things you should know: You’ll have difficulty with war, major tragedy (even if you don’t see it or know its happening), group hatred, and others’ loneliness. When the war on race happened in 2020 with the country wide riots in the United States, I was devastated for weeks.

Watch out for other people’s loneliness. I will say loneliness is the worst feeling to feel from another person. It’s at the top worst feeling connections. I don’t like feeling other people’s hunger because I find it confusing. I genuinely have a difficult time differentiating between mine and if I’m feeling someone else’s.

Clairsentients can increase their abilities in order to differentiate between themselves and others, making them hyper aware of who they are and who they aren’t. They’ll be reactive to people telling them how they are feeling or who they are or what they think, as they know solidly these things about themselves. We don’t appreciate anyone defining us since we must constantly look at our definitions of self in order to have peace of mind.

Another thing: they can feel plants get cut down and the screams of trees in agony. They can be distracted by the heightened hormones of teenagers or other heightened emotional responses. They can find people because they understand energetic signatures (after they’ve been connected to them). Do all clairsentients do all these things? No. But they are all in the family of ‘experiencing.’

Forever consciousness puts it in a lovely way: “In fact, if you are able to detect “energy” in a space, even when no one is around, or detect energy from a person even when they are not displaying emotions, it is most likely that you are clarisentient and not just empathic. 

These sensations may manifest as:

  • Feeling what another person is feeling even if they are not displaying emotions
  • Feeling heavy when you walk into a room or meet someone
  • Feeling anxiety for no reason when in a space or around a person
  • Sensing when those around you have pent up emotions
  • Experiencing a sudden change in mood
  • Sensing the presence of another being before you see them
  • Feeling uncomfortable in crowded spaces
  • Feeling pressure around your head or a headachey feeling

Once Empaths and Clairsentients alike have worked out how to manage their gifts and protect their energy from negative experiences, they can truly achieve a lot.

They need lots of sleep. They need lots of self-care. They need time with themselves away from others to unplug and clean the channel. Even then, being alone may not be enough. Clairsentients who are also mediums feel spirits, guides, and other non-corporal entities as well. This takes extra care and protection around the home for a safe space to rejuvenate (speaking form experience).

My husband calls me a ‘sensor.’ Someone you can quite literally see “a change in” from an outside element. It can be great because you’re moved to help people have a sense of belonging since you understand exactly what they feel. It can be terrifying because you feel things that might be ugly, terrifying, or off of your ethical compass and you don’t know what to do about it.

An offshoot of clairsentience if clairtangence, which will be my next post on the “CLAIRS.”

I’m happy to give people peace of mind. I’m happy with this gift (among my others), and how they shape my experience of the world around me. Although I am also claircognizant, my blend does not make me strictly an empath. As Idina Menzel sings in her solo album, “I Feel Everything:”

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9 Self Care Ideas That Don’t Obscure Your Life

Right now, we are in the middle of the global pandemic of Covid-19, and during it, people are on high alert. Maybe its because of the push to go into public areas like schools and voting areas, maybe its the continued denial of racial inequality, maybe its the differing opinion of how sensitive people should be to each other’s comforts, maybe its the election, and maybe its the harder hours we are working now that we are home. In any and all cases, there is need now, more than ever, for self care and spiritual development as a carved-out priority into our week.

However, living in America, we are an ‘all or nothing’ culture, and many think that self-care means to devote an entire day or sign up for a huge commitment in order to check that box because, “I couldn’t possibly remember to do it regularly if I didn’t have a big commitment looming over me.” Looming? Really? That’s how we are going to get you to do regular kindness to yourself? By having something looming? That doesn’t sound very care-ing to me. This is self-care. Not self-obligate.

Photo by Thiu1ec1u Hou00e0ng Phu01b0u1edbc on

It’s time to readjust and do self-care in small, manageable doses. Here are a few:

  1. Dump – I have notebooks nearby everywhere, and in the event that I’m feeling overwhelmed, it’s time to just dump. Doing a brain dump is a great way to drop all of those thoughts you’ve been holding and to look at them later. If you feel you don’t have the capacity to hold the grocery list, the kid’s schedules, your spiritual needs, your work, and remembering to add that tv show to your queue, then just have a notebook nearby. Have a few. One by the bed, one by the computer, one in the kitchen (this one gets destroyed, btw), or one in the bathroom. This way you don’t have the stress of ‘remembering,’ because you put in in one of those three places (and three places is a lot easier to find something than the chasms of your brain).
  2. Brag – Take some time to boast about your accomplishments. The best way? Throwback and flashbacks. People are less likely to judge about you boosting your ego and getting that serotonin if its attached to a social media craze. Don’t be annoying, but do be proud. Your accomplishments may end up inspiring someone else!
  3. Dance Breaks – When I worked as a National Guard contractor, we used to do this mid-day: We would all be working on our reports and managing our projects and then someone would say, “Dance Break!” and we’d put on a Whitney Houston song and move for a few minutes. Even if it’s just to move around and get out of your seat. Why not do this at home? You don’t even have to dance, just get up. Dance Break!
  4. Change Your Environment – I do this often. I will pick up what I’m doing and move to a different place, or change my desk look, or even rearrange the entire room. The hour I spend helps organize my space, my mind, and its meditative. Then, you get a new perspective on your working space. I highly recommend changing your environment, even over spa-face-masks as the perfect self-care idea. You can even just get up and sit somewhere else, even on the floor!
  5. Ditch the Brave, But Manage Your Emotions – This one is tricky. You can’t go around dumping how you feel about everything on everyone. It’s rude. But it’s unhealthy to hide all of your feelings and not express when others do you harm. Keep your emotions to yourself. BUT you also don’t have to maintain a strong and stoic face either. You’re allowed to feel your feelings. You’re just not allowed to poor them onto someone else. Give yourself a time-out when you’re upset. Explain that you are upset and then go deal with it. And during your time-out, try a dance break, change your environment, or go for a mini walk around the house.
  6. Plant Love – Go water your plant. Taking care of something gives us a boost. I’ve now added two lovely plants, a fountain, and some statues to my work area, and I couldn’t be happier. We spend 80 percent of our time in doors. Nature will nurture you if you nurture nature. Some studies show that taking care of plants lowers your blood pressure and boosts your mood. Again, start with two, not a whole arboretum.
  7. Mindful – I loathe the word, ‘meditate.’ I do. And I’m in the business of spiritually coaching people. But I don’t mind taking out a blanket, making a small picnic of cheese and meats, putting on some Enya or the soundtrack to Selkie, and just being mindful. I may even do some mindful focus grounding, like feeling my body rooting into the ground, or feeling what the blanket is like under my skin. Pay attention to the sensations in your body. Start at your connection to the ground and move up to your head. What is open? What is tense? It takes 30 minutes if you include lunch, and what a splendid way to spend your lunch break. A SPIRITUAL PICNIC!
  8. Meals Outside or By The Fireplace – Winter is coming, and if you can’t get outside because you are a dainty flower afraid of the cold (like me), you can also spend your meal by the fireplace. Can’t do that? Try a fireplace video/screen saver and just change your computer to that for a while. You can even do this at breakfast time BEFORE work!
  9. Digitized Theater and Dance – I’m always going to recommend escaping your reality for a bit, but instead of Netflix, try following a company that is still creating content of live performances in dance, theater, and voice but in digitized format for your enjoyment. Need one recommended? I recommend Druid Theater Arts because they have two dance companies and two theater companies and they focus on holistic cultural consciousness in their art and community. They’ve transitioned to fully online in their education programs and performance companies and don’t plan on changing back. They are small, so they are slow to get their old material online for rental, but they are in production right now for three different digitized shows! Escape your reality and into another is a great way to wind down at the end of your day, and you can bring the arts into your own home.

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Reasons You Should Become A Shaman

Some people drawn to witchcraft or the hidden faiths are drawn because they want change or control over their life. Some because they feel they have never felt at peace with the faith they were handed when they were impressionable. Some are looking for a way to explain the hideous way the world has treated them. This article is for those last ones.

In almost every faith, there are shamans. Google will tell you that shamans are: “a person regarded as having access to, and influence in, the world of good and evil spirits, especially among some peoples of northern Asia and North America. Typically such people enter a trance state during a ritual, and practice divination and healing.”

However, you’ll find them in Polynesia, in Africa, and in Europe, just under different names. What do they all have in common? They are doctors and nurses, just in the reality of their patient for which is unseen. They heal your soul through various means. Each practitioner will have their own beliefs and techniques to accomplish the same thing, and that is to repair, either through astral projection and soul retrieval, or in narrative repair, or even shadow work.

I have a list of items that if you meet, you should consider looking into shamanism, as it is practiced within your faith. In my faith, we are commonly called witchdoctors. We are doctors of a spiritual and emotional operation. We heal through song, dance, motivating, planning, talking, magical rituals, and trance. What the world could use right now, is more of us. So, let’s see if you’re a good fit.

You might want to consider being a shaman/witchdoctor if:

  • You have a family of ‘gifted’ people, and feel you can connect to others deeply and even connect to spirit
  • Were you born with a physical abnormality?
  • They say that people of African decent or red hair have the ability to contact the dead more than other races and genes, but I don’t have any evidence to back this up.
  • Physical impairments
  • Were you struck by lighting?
  • Surviving a life-threatening experience
  • Have an illness with unrecognizable symptoms, which doctors can’t comprehend – its a strong sign of spiritual illness and a calling to shamanism
  • Coming back from an apparent death
  • Suffering from chronic or incurable pain
  • An uncanny closeness to nature
  • Disliking large gatherings because you’re introverted, and really enjoy spending time with yourself (not alone), despite having a social life. Shamans are travelers to other dimensions, even traveling to the dimension of the person you are talking to by relating and feeling what their experience is, takes much study alone first
  • Deja vu,
  • Seeing in people what they don’t see in themselves, or ways to heal people or situations
  • Are you part of the LGBTQ+ community? Those who are connected to both genders are seen as having a higher connection to humanity and its spirit.
  • Seeing the same animal or teacher in your drams
  • Having vivid dreams
  • Feeling shifts when large people change in our world, either for good or for bad
  • Having feelings of a spiritual calling, but not feeling that the church is the way for you
  • Going through many traumatic experiences prepares you to help others with theirs.

If you have quite a few of these, it may be time to seek a teacher and start your training to becoming a Shaman.

Is there stigma? Sure. I’ve only recently gone public with my practice, but know this deep down: you are helping people. You are meeting your destiny.

You are helping people.

you are helping people

You are helping people.

Remember that you can always start your training with me at I, like many other shamans, am very introverted, so I do all of my work remotely, working with students and clients through video chat.

And I always recommend that you read read read. Some of my favorite books are: “Animal Speak”, “Shamanic Journeying”, “Soul Retrieval”, “The Way of the Shaman”, and of course I have more if you exhaust this. Feel free to reach out if you would like to being your own healer journey. Let’s make more healers accessible to the world.

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Diary – Psychic’s need for a massuer

Something that no one ever thinks about when it comes to the struggles of being a psychic is the need for body work.

Having a massuer to clean up the scar tissue you’ve developed or to work out an injury, or just to break down that knot that you’ve been developing from the tension of your day job, is vital to anyone’s physical health. And I’m going to tell you that physical health is imperative to sensitives. If you don’t take care of the body that feels everything (and I mean everything), then you can overload your nervous system, creating somatic disorders like fibromyalgia, chronic pain disorders, and ibs, or you can create anxiety or mood disorders.

In other words, I’m constantly preaching about taking care of your body. But what if… what if you require the help from someone else? Like a massuer.

I’m the kind of sensitive that people feel that I am connecting to them, and they hand me their darkness to hold for them. Usually verbally. They will explain something dark (like holding onto hair clippings and ashes from their late husband and stroking them good night before bed) or an internal battle that they can’t seem to manage with everything else. Like going to a therapist, the act of talking to a stranger feel cathartic and like they don’t have to hold it.

BUT that’s not my job when you are supposed to be doing yours! Ok, so I have struggled with finding massuer for three reasons:

1) If they internalize what they work on, I don’t want them. I have the experience and tools to handle the kinds of things that hit my nervous system and consciousness. Someone who does not to pull that stuff out and experience would be traumatic to their system. I’m coming to get my body worked on, not to dump on someone else. That’s irresponsible.

2) They don’t do self care enough. They end up telling me their life story or their darkness, adding to my need to someone in the first place.

3) They just aren’t good? I don’t go for a relaxing massage. When I get body work done, I need them to really beat out the garbage in my body.

So here is the problem. How do you find a body worker that you don’t read when they start touching you?

Oof! Ugh! I don’t know, but when you do, hang on tight. I’ve had two amazing ones over the years. One in Tahoe (yeah, I’d fly to Lake Tahoe just to get my body fixed). And I have one here in Maryland. Unfortunately, my worker in Maryland just left the practice and I have no idea what his last name is to try to find him, again.

Once the pandemic is over, I start the hunt for a body worker all over again. A healthy, non-sensitive body worker.

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Spell Casting, pt 1: Self-Care is the only way to make your spells work

I can’t tell you how many people will read this wanting to take a short cut into the world of witchcraft. I’m going to tell you that there isn’t one. But I will tell you this:

There is a basic formula to making spells work.

First, you’ll read over and over again that your intent needs to be clean and clear. Yes, this is very true. Imagine that your first ingredient to your spell is water (the water represents your overall health). If you are murky in any parts of your life, your spell work will also be murky. Here is why:

The energy we give off is the first catalyst to making anything we want happen.

Give that a thought.

I mean, that makes sense, right? Even just in how you talk. If you are in pain, or hungry (upsetting a ease in your existence), then how you behave is affected by how you feel. And if your tone isn’t a clear intention to what you want, then your intent is murky.

In other words, your WHOLE self needs to be intact and healthy before even attempting spell work.


I tell all of my students this: End your toxic relationships, fill you time back up with giving ones. If you are toxic, start new habits and stop taking from other people because even you wont function requiring people to “need” you. Go to therapy. Learn something every day.

Get off of social media so much! Comparing yourself to the world online is bad for your mental health. You wont ever make it to the facade that is social media. Be living in the life you have and make it the life you want. Focus on that, not others’ posts.

Get creative. Take a dance class. Sing. Paint. Cross-stitch. However you do it, creativity helps fight depression.


Guys, exercise! It doesn’t mean you have to climb a mountain. In America, it’s always a “all or nothing” mentality. You don’t have to join CrossFit in order to check this box. Just move! Learn what your limits are, and give them a nudge. There are so many things you could do to fulfill this requirement. Just move.

Eat more vegetables. You need vitamins. I’m not a vegetarian or vegan. I very much believe in the power of meat. But your body is a temple, and you get to decide what goes in it. Again, there are so many options out there. It should make you feel good and fulfill the proteins, carbs, and fats (and vitamins) needed for your diet. Also, if the only way you are feeling good is to over-indulge in food, go back to mind health.

You should not be over-indulging in anything for your body to ‘feel’ good, or to prevent it from feeling. Stop destroying your ride.

Get enough sleep, and make it good sleep.

Drink more water


Become or reconnect with something greater than yourself. Yes, it’s that simple. Being the end all of your reality can be overwhelming. Reaching out to a mother or father on a spiritual plane helps build your self-worth.


Socialization is an important part of keeping yourself healthy. It can be with one person, on a facetime date, or you can do a watch party. Either way, no man is an island. Islands are islands. People are social. Find someone to be social with in a healthy and consent-full way. Build up your tribe and your support system.

Are all the boxes checked?

Then your water should be clear and its time to get down to spell casting!

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A Call to Duty: Destiny of a sensitive teacher

I just want to help people.

For too long people of an ostracized faith, or people of folk religions and rituals, feel isolated, lost, and in need of support and guidance.

I’m so happy you have a community. I’m seeing more and more access to groups and communities for those who believe in more than one deity, or for those who want to thank their land, can meet and connect. But within every community there needs to be teachers.

But I want to teach. I want to help guide and counsel. I want that feeling of loneliness for the sensitives and those faithful to the mystical land to flow away. I’ve always been a teacher of the performing arts, and the culture that goes with it. What I’ve collected, and kept to myself, is the culture and arts that stem from dancing and singing. The old faith. People call this the ‘occult,’ but I don’t believe in the devil, personally. I do believe in evil, and I believe in good. I believe in balance. And I believe in giving to my community by reminding them of their humanity. This includes faith.

My grandmother taught me the old faith, quietly, for several years when my dad and stepmother dropped us off at her house when they both had to work. Her blend was with Christianity, which mien wasn’t. She still guides me today. Telling me that it’s ok to share our ways, to teach more people, to open up the doors of a beautiful world of our faith and to encourage others to believe and heal as well.

Along my path of signing and dancing, and acting, I’ve hidden the part of spirit that connected so deeply with me. The part where I just know about my students, what an audience needs in that moment, and the whispers of the dead backstage and the comfort of my own home. With the support of my family, I’m able to take off the costumes of being only a performer, and show my real skin to the world around me. Offering me a life where I can help people. And this life has been overwhelmingly welcoming.

There is no need to feel lost or without someone to help guide, anymore. No need to hide. We can be secret without being shamed or afraid. My job is to teach and counsel, reminding us of the culture, history, and paths we are all to build around us.

Just think of me as the schoolhouse teacher of the occult for all ages and levels, managing the education as best as I can for those who want it.

I currently teach at I am able to teach to people all over the world, now, with this pandemic. This is a time to self-heal. To spiritual rediscover and actualize yourself. And to have access to spiritual teachers who are there to help you, not take advantage of the broken.

I’m currently teaching three regular classes with them, and I hope to have offerings for children and teens of the ‘old faith’ community as well. They may need it the most.

And with that, I ask for this in return. Some of us are different. We are sensitive in ways we can hardly explain. I wish I had had the help to understand the clair-sensitive world around me, but I was lost and alone in this discovery. Without stigma, I offer guidance for those in the way I wish I had.

We all want to be understood. We all need spiritual healing. We all need to be told “it’s going to be ok.”