Are you sensitive to the world around you?

Do you feel lost or empty? Do you know you have ‘abilities,’ but don’t know how to make them reality or how to explore them? Do you need guidance in changing your life so you feel fulfilled?

This is for clients who aim to recover your original spiritual shape, connect to something bigger than yourself, understanding love and connecting to it, healing from childhood wounds, and learning to uplift yourself and others. Understand your spiritual gifts, get out of religious or oppressive mental habits, and gain confidence of your own intuition, thoughts, feelings, and experiences.  

I work collaboratively with you on attaining the goals you set through a plan of action.  This can include many different aspects which will be unique to you.  We will, together, unlock your vision to see your day to day life in a way that realizes your life purpose to your cosmic contract.

Individual plans include: soul healing, soul retrieval, spirit guide connection, life coping, psychic strengthening training, connection with the dead, shadow work, and life balance.  Aly will counsel and coach you to the balanced life you’ve always wanted, as a sensitive, a community member, and within your own family.  Let’s dismantle fear and nurture your true potential together.


Learn to cope as a sensitive. Life coaches come in all forms. You might as well have a psychic like you to help you cope with being sensitive, coaching you towards a life you want. Many sensitives use me as their therapist and life coach instead of standard therapy. Work with someone who understands you.


Need a reading? You can get this from a very powerful sensitive. I am also able to read other sensitives and interpret what others have said. As a human lie-detector, you’ll get the answers you’re looking for. I speak to spirit and get the information you require.


A loaded term, but witches have been hired for a multitude of services, including healing, love, fortune, and revenge. Need to patch yourself back up? I will retrieve your injured soul and bring it back to heal your lethargy, clouds, and heaviness.

Let’s build something together.

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